Changes to Wood Dust Exposure Limits

Changes to Wood Dust Exposure LimitsAll workplaces involved with wood processing need to control employee exposure to wood dust. If not controlled using appropriate measures, wood dust can be a significant risk to health - in both the short and longer terms....

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Indoor Air Quality in the Workplace

Indoor Air Quality in the WorkplaceAs an employer, it is crucial to ensure you provide a safe and healthy working environment. You need to carefully consider all aspects of your workplace - from equipment standards to the quality of your staff training. As a constant...

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Noise Exposure Survey: When is it Required?

Is a Noise Exposure Survey Required if Ear Protection is Already Provided? Noise exposure surveys are required in all workplaces where noise has the potential to cause harm to employees. Exposure to dangerous levels of sound can easily go unnoticed; it is...

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Do I need to do Workplace Air Monitoring

Why do Workplace Air Monitoring? How do you know when Workplace Air Monitoring is required. Is it required as part of your COSHH Risk Assessment? In recent blogs, we've explained what a COSHH Risk Assessment is, and provided a guide on How to carry out a...

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