Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Testing

Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Testing

Electro magnetic fields (EMFs) occur when electrical energy is used. EMFs can come from electrical equipment in the workplace from  processes that include radio frequencies, heating and drying systems, induction furnaces and radio communications equipment. The reason for the consideration of EMFs in the workplace is that exposure to high levels of EMF can lead to acute health effects.  These effects are broadly heating effects from some frequencies of the radiation and other effects on the body’s central nervous system.

The Control of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) at Work Regulations (CEMFAW) came into force July 2016. They state that where EMFs are present in a workplace the company needs to identify the sources, assess the risks and control exposure to EMFs to protect their employees.

We can provide an assessment and testing service to establish the risks in your workplace arising from EMF sources according to the HSE’s guidance booklet HSG 281. This will help you to develop control measures and thus control your risk for your employees. The survey itself is similar in nature to a noise survey in that a hand held sophisticated measuring instrument is used to measure the electromagnetic field at various locations close to the source of EMF and at worker locations. A measurement map is created and zones of low, medium and high risk added relating to the Action Levels (ALs) and Exposure Limit Values (ELVs).  A plan of action is provided including control measures required to reduce risk, stating health risks to particular categories of individuals who may be affected more than others. Information is made available in order to help you make workers aware of the health risks and responsibilities.

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