Noise Surveys

Occupational Noise

Most workplaces create noise of some sort, so they all need to be checked to see if it is at a harmful level.  The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 require employers to firstly risk assess noise and then reduce exposure to noise for their employees where noise is at 80 decibels (dB(A)) or above. A quick check to find out if noise is intrusive in the workplace is whether you need to shout to be heard when stood only 1 metre away from someone else. If this is the case then there is a very real risk that employees can suffer hearing damage. Very high noise exposure for a short time or repeated noise at lower levels but still above 80dB(A) can damage hearing over time and is known as noise induced hearing loss (NIHL). By the time the affected person notices their hearing is not as good as it was, damage is considerable and it cannot be reversed.

We can help by measuring the sound levels present in your workplace using sophisticated instruments for static and personal dosimetry in our noise at work survey.  Our competent (qualified and experienced) occupational hygienists carry out the noise monitoring survey by making relevant observations, assessing the situation and detailing where control is required. We outline measures you need to undertake to achieve control and provide information for you to complete your noise risk assessment.  This will have the aim of minimising the risk of hearing damage to your employees.

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