About Us

Workplace Exposure is an Independent occupational hygiene and health and safety consultancy, offering monitoring and consultancy services to both industrial and commercial clients.

Based in Harrogate with a growing number of regional consultants we provide monitoring and advice to our clients throughout the UK.

We’re not only passionate about assessing personal exposure in the workplace, we’re knowledgeable too, with over fifty years’ experience between us all.

We’re here to help and support your business by ensuring that your workplace is a safe environment for your employees. We identify human health hazards, assess the risks and recommend effective control measures.

We’re experts in the monitoring and control of exposure to dust, vapour, fume, gases, noise, vibration, heat and bacteria as well as the prevention and control of chemical, biological, physical and ergonomic health risks within the workplace.

COSHH Air Monitoring

Workplace exposure monitoring is made straightforward for our clients and provides plenty of information to help you control COSHH risks.

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Noise Surveys

We outline measures you need to undertake to achieve control and provide information for you to complete your noise risk assessment.

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Indoor Air Quality Testing

We can create a bespoke plan of air quality testing and can provide you with practical ways to improve the air environment in your workplace.

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Local Exhaust Ventilation

LEV is a control measure that aims to control exposure to hazardous substances by preventing their release into the workplace atmosphere.

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Health & Safety Consultancy

We can assist you with assessing and controlling the health and safety risks to your employees as required by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

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Electro Magnetic Force Testing

We can provide an assessment and testing service to establish the risks in your workplace arising from EMF sources according to the HSE’s guidance booklet.

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