Noise Exposure Survey: When is it Required?

Is a Noise Exposure Survey Required if Ear Protection is Already Provided? Noise exposure surveys are required in all workplaces where noise has the potential to cause harm to employees. Exposure to dangerous levels of sound can easily go unnoticed; it is...

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Do I need to do Workplace Air Monitoring

Why do Workplace Air Monitoring? How do you know when Workplace Air Monitoring is required. Is it required as part of your COSHH Risk Assessment? In recent blogs, we've explained what a COSHH Risk Assessment is, and provided a guide on How to carry out a...

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Why is Regular LEV Testing So Important?

Why is Regular LEV Testing so Important? Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems are used to reduce the risk of human exposure to harmful airborne substances. In industries where particulates are released into the air, LEV systems can create an effective...

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How to carry out a COSHH Risk Assessment

How to carry out a COSHH Risk Assessment In an earlier post we explained what a COSHH Risk Assessment was, but how do you carry one out, and what's involved. in this article we provide a quick guide to carrying out your COSHH Risk Assessment in six easy...

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EH40 and the recent updates explained

What is EH40? EH40 is part of the Environmental Hygiene series, and is issued by the Heath & Safety Executive (HSE). It has been around for many years, and was first published soon after the first COSHH Regulations in 1988. EH40 is the document that is...

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