Solder fume Exposure In the Workplace

Solder Fume exposure Why should we be concerned about Solder Fume Exposure? it's a question we get asked, in this article we'll explain why, and how to monitor and control the risks around Solder Fume Exposure. What is Soldering Soldering is used to join...

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Workplace Air Monitoring – Wood Dust

Workplace Air Monitoring Following the workplace air monitoring for wood dust, all our results were well below the Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL). Is that it or do we still have to do something? It’s a question we often get asked, your dust measurement...

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Welding fume – how to breathe freely

The welding of stainless steel generates welding fume, that contains hazardous metal fume and gases, that if not controlled, can lead to the chance of the worker developing a range of illnesses or life limiting conditions, as shown below: This can however,...

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